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2018 Canadian Hunting & Fishing Reports

8 Remote Canadian Fly In Fishing Outposts & Drive In Fishing Cabins on Off Lake. Canadian fishing vacations for walleye, northern pike, muskie, lake trout, smallmouth bass, and crappie. Canadian Hunting for Trophy Whitetail Deer and High Success Black Bear Hunts in Ontario, Canada. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Lake: Kinewan Lake

Dates: 6/20-6/23/2018

Group Name: Nelson

Guest Comments: Fishing was great, weather conditions were hot and hotter. Place was very accommodating. Nice bass, have not done those before in Canada.

35" northern

26.5" walleye

19" bass

Lake: Fishtarp Lake

Dates: 6/17-6/23/2018

Group Name: Kaspryzk

Guest Comments: Great week of fishing, Fishtrap has great bass, Upper Highrock Lake 12 walleye up to 25.5". All to large to eat. 38.5" northern off Upper Highrock and more bass. Another great outfitted camp.

Lake: Jones Lake

Dates: 6/16-6/23/2018

Group Name: Thomas

Guest Comments: All fishing was great! Big fish of all kinds. Weather a little hot but a great trip. Largest walleye 28", many large smallmouth and large pike. Cabin and all equipment was excellent. Lucas and Nicole are great! Will be back for sure.

Lake: Grant Lake

Dates: 6/16-6/23/2018

Group Name: Ronek

Guest Comments:Fishing was very good. The walk in was definitely worth going to. If you find weeds in the 9-12 ft range you found fish. The cabin was great - no complaints. The ants in the cabin were a bit of a problem. Caught 3 muskie with 35" being biggest. Lots of pike and bass - 35" pike + 20" bass were the biggest. Most fishing and best fishing was done in sight of the cabin. Another great year with Gateway North! Appreciate it!

Lake: Trout Lake

Dates: 6/16-6/22/2018

Group Name: Sathers

Guest Comments: Great fishing. Lots of walleye 20-25". Largest walleye was 26.5", at least a dozen over 25". Hard to catch many under the slot. Boated at least 30-35 per boat per day. Largest pike 38". Largest lake trout 29". All the equipment ran flawless. Rebooked for next year - same week.

Lake: Highrock Lake

Dates: 6/15-6/21/2018

Group Name: Tomczyk

Guest Comments: We had a great 6 days at Highrock. Fishing was not as good for size as last year but we got a lot of eaters. Find the weeds and find the fish. Bass were hard to find but we did find some decent ones. One big (41.5") pike to end a great trip.

Lake: Kinewan Lake

Dates: 6/15-6/20/2018

Group Name: Bricco

Guest Comments: Lots of walleye and pike. Caught fish all over. Largest walleye 26.5". Some smallmouth were caught too. Fished below rapids to lower lake and caught walleye one after another. It was almost like catching blue gills. We had a great time and will be doing it again.

Lake: Dogfly Lake

Dates: 6/13-6/20/2018

Group Name: Boone

Guest Comments: Caught plenty of pike and lake trout trolling in deep water. Smallmouth bass were up shallow for smaller ones. Bigger smallmouth  hung out in the deep water off dropoffs.

Lake: Sakwite Lake

Dates: 6/11-6/18/2018

Group Name: Jenks

Guest Comments: Wonderful hosts and facilities - absolutely no complaints. Fishing was very good, even for what we heard was a slow week in the area.

* smallmouth - dominant species and star of the week. Could not crack 20" but many over 18".

*walleye - numbers were low but very good size: 27", 26", and a 25". Lots over 20" - hard to find eaters.

* northern: they are there - didn't fish them again, great folks to work with!!

Lake: Jones Lake

Dates: 6/12-6/17/2018

Group Name: Lud

Guest Comments: Best bass fishing ever of every lake we fished. Better than any smallmouth fishing we ever had on Rainy Lake. Lots of 16-18" - plus biggest 21". Top water and jigs best. Northern - 10 fish over 30" - biggest was 39". Best was jigs (Lucky) and minnow baits. All fish very chunky.

2 moose - lots of Eagles and beavers.

Lake: Fishtrap Lake

Dates: 6/10-6/17/2018

Group Name: Troup

Guest Comments: Another great trip with Lucas and Nicole. The cabin and all equipment worked as advertised. Very warm temps this year compared to previous years. This was our 20th year! Fished for all species, smallmouth, walleye, and northern. Portaged to Upper Highrock and caught nice walleye and bass. Thank you to the GNO team. Great job!!

Lake: Highrock Lake

Dates: 6/10-6/15/2018

Group Name: Holland

Guest Comments: Awesome 5 days of fishing! Average around 15-30 per boat each day. Caught 6 walleyes 25-27" range. Lots of walleyes with a lot of good eaters. Exceptional smallmouth fishing with largest measuring 20". Great numbers of northerns but no real big ones. Cabin and all accommodations were exceptional. Had a great trip and look forward to returning. Top notch outfitter and would recommend for great fishing.

Lake: Kinewan Lake

Dates: 6/8-6/15/2018

Group Name: Plutz

Guest Comments: Fished (7) days. Big fish: Pike - 2 x 38"; Walleye - 29", s8", 24+" x 3; Bass - too many over 18" to count, one 19.5". Pike were ferocious and ubiquitous. Walleye also on all main lake points. Trolling, jigging, top water - did not matter. Where else can you catch walleye on top water!!!!! Great lake, great facilities, every thing worked great. Bonus was 3 moose sightings; two cows and one bull. Kudos to the Adams clan for another top notch trip! Kinewan is still the King!!! And we caught a huge perch!

Lake: Dogfly Lake

Dates: 6/9-6/13/2018

Group Name: Bixler

Guest Comments: Water temp in the mid 60's.

Bass were still on beds shallow but moving out as week went on.

Caught nice lake trout and pike as well trolling.

Thank you! GNO!

Lake: Sakwite Lake

Dates: 6/7-6/11/2018

Group Name: Bryant

Guest Comments: Really good weather - upper 70's, sunny, windy, mid day.

Fishing was great. Smallies going on nest - several 17-19".

Walleyes also good - seemed scattered though.

2 - walleyes at 26" - others (several) in West end 22-24". Caught a lot of walleyes trolling silver rattle trap.

Live bait worked best catching bass and walleyes.

One lake trout in the narrows going North from camp - measured 29".

Lake: Highrock Lake

Dates: 6/6-6/10/2018

Group Name: Darger

Guest Comments: Caught lots of bass, 2-6 feet of water, especially off drop offs.

Walleye were 10-12 feet of water, vertical jigging in drop offs and points.

Pike were off points and near drop offs.

Husky Jerks10 were great for all species.

1/4 oz jigs with minnows or leeches vertical jigged in 10-15 feet was the hot walleye method.

Lake: Fishtrap Lake

Dates: 6/4-6/10/2018

Group Name: Elkins

Guest Comments: Facilities and service was top notch. Primarily fished for smallmouth and was good. A very well run operation.

Lake: Dogfly Lake

Dates: 6/2-6/9/2018

Group Name: Springer

Guest Comments: Brutal weather conditions the first 2 days with rain and high winds. But the fish were biting regardless. Caught many bass in the 17-20" range. Pike were active with several ranging from 30-37". Facilities were great. All equipment worked flawlessly. Lucas and Nicole are perfect hosts.

Lake: Grant Lake

Dates: 6/2-6/9/2018

Group Name: Rose

Guest Comments: Cold and wet first 2 days. Fishing was a bit slow. Weather warmed as week went on and fishing improved. Bass on beds and caught w/ tubes (green pumpkin). Weeds not up yet so pike were more unpredictable. Seemed the pike and some muskie were stalking fish on beds. Some trout found in deep water. All fish seemed to like silver lures!

Large fish were

19.5" smallmouth

36" lake trout

39" tiger muskie

37" pike

Another great trip!

Lake: Trout Lake

Dates: 6/3-6/9/2018

Group Name: Thieme

Guest Comments: Awesome fishing! A lot of lake trout up to 27". Walleye up to 25". Quite a few large bass and tons of northern. Largest northern was 41". Great Lake.

Lake: Kinewan Lake

Dates: 6/1-6/8/2018

Group Name: Samuel

Guest Comments: Another good trip to Kinewan. Lots of walleye and incidental smallmouth with many pike. Did best by moving water and points. West lake was also very good by big weed bed. Cabin and equipment was all great as always as well as the flights.

Lake: Sakwite Lake

Dates: 6/3-6/7/2018

Group Name: Newsom

Guest Comments: Lots of wind. Lots of bass. Good pike, but walleye was slow. Had lots of fun.


Lake: Highrock Lake

Dates: 6/1-6/6/2018

Group Name: Vogen

Guest Comments: Another great trip. Dozens of walleye over 24". 41" pike and 22" smallmouth. Fishing rock piles and drop offs. Great trip and fantastic service once again.

Lake: Trout Lake

Dates: 5/29 - 6/3/2018

Group Name: Foerch

Guest Comments: Everything from start to finish was impeccable. 58 fish, only 6 eaters; more than half off the dock! (saved some boat gas).

Biggest bass 18"

Biggest walleye 32"

Biggest lake trout 30"

Biggest pike 32"

1st 2 days excellent. Weather moved in and did not go out much.

Lake: Sakwite Lake

Dates: 5/26 - 6/3/2018

Group Name: Pipen

Guest Comments: Fishing was great! I got 2 - 25" walleyes and others. Lots of bass.

Caught 21" and 23" lake trout.  Big walleyes!

Caught 6 northerns for every walleye caught while using walleye rigs and bottom bouncers. If I went back I would try deeper areas.

Lake: Dogfly Lake

Dates: 5/28 - 6/2/2018

Group Name: Blom

Guest Comments: Great fishing, everything well at the cabin and with the boats. Thanks Lucas and Nikki. Grand kids had a great time.

Lake: Kinewan Lake

Dates: 5/27 - 6/1/2018

Group Name: Robbins

Guest Comments: Our 5th consecutive year to Kinewan. Weather was perfect. Fishing was best ever. Walleyes were the catching at numerous locations on the lake. The moving water and points were the best spots. The outfall into the Little Kinewan was most productive; on the lower lake side. Jigs with twisted tail plastics were best. Various colors worked, but pink, and orange remain most reliable. Leeches worked very well too. It just didn't matter much this trip. We went through 2# of leeches  and countless jigs and grub tails. Ate walleye every day and threw back hundreds. Northern were fun as always. No trophies, but numerous fish in the 34" range that were so bulky and strong, they felt and fought like larger versions. Bass, as expected were feisty and aggressive. Several 16-21". Because the walleye fishing was so good, we didn't focus on bass as much. But, where there were rocks there were bass.

The cabin feels like home. Everything worked great. The flights in and out were on time and flawless. Trevor is the best. As always, Lucas and Nicole, with increasing participation from Hunter, are the most accommodating hosts. We are already booked for next year.

Lake: Grant Lake

Dates: 5/26 - 6/2/2018

Group Name: Wheaton

Guest Comments: Primarily fished for smallmouth and caught all we wanted! Early spawn but many still on beds; caught many 3-4#. Also put 2-3 northern in boat 30+". Water temps near 70 degrees.

Lake: Jones Lake

Dates: 5/26 - 6/1/2018

Group Name: Henry

Guest Comments: Another great trip. Plenty of bass and walleye depending on location and time of day. Bass were pre-spawn, with many big fish in shallow water. Thanks to Lucas and Nicole for doing such a great job.

Lake: Kinewan Lake

Dates: 5/20 - 5/27/2018

Group Name: Jones

Guest Comments: We had a great time. Fishing was a little slow. Caught walleye, pike, and smallmouth. Bass were coming up in the shallows. Caught multiple larger sized walleyes up to 27".

Lake: Grant Lake

Dates: 5/23 - 5/26/2018

Group Name: Naidus

Guest Comments: Unseasonably warm weather did not interfere with the fishing. The smallmouth bass were plentiful throughout the lake, as were the northern pike,. Virtually you limited fish on shallow lures, casting off a drift or anchored by a bed or various spots along the shoreline. Tried trolling the lake 10-20' for lake trout with no luck though. Overall  great experience I would highly recommend. The Gateway North team was terrific!

Lake: Highrock Lake

Dates: 5/20 - 5/26/2018

Group Name: Leas

Guest Comments: Caught lots of fish. Mostly smallmouth and pike. Ate very well and had a great time. Cabin and equipment all worked well. Weather was very warm for this time of year.

Lake: Jones Lake

Dates: 5/19 - 5/26/2018

Group Name: Morris

Guest Comments: Great great great - Enjoyed much - weather was great! Pilot is amazing! Lots of smallmouth bass! Wonderful trip! Great bunch of people!

Lake: Trout Lake

Dates: 5/19 - 5/24/2018

Group Name: Hart

Guest Comments: Excellent trip. Caught all 4 species. Cabin was located in the center of the lake w/ easy access to all the hot spots. Caught more this trip than our previous trips the last 3 years. Glad we found this location. Cabin and motors were great.

Lake: Dogfly Lake

Dates: 5/18 - 5/23/2018

Group Name: Schindbeckler

Guest Comments: Best trip ever! Lots of smallmouth. Excellent weather. Saw a cow moose and calf. Great accommodations!

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